Trapping Incident Reports from TrailSafe

TrailSafe has assembled a database of reports made detailing the trapping of HUMANS and PETS.   In summary, the incident reports reflect:

–1 hiker caught in a snare trap at a popular local attraction

–3 incidents where people narrowly missed being trapped, including 1 small CHILD

–63 pet dogs & 9 cats trapped, plus 2 reported as near misses

–26 trappings or crippled animals sightings in urban/suburban areas

–6 reports of traps set on private property without the land owner’s permission

–12 pleas for trapping regulations without specific reports of injuries

–6 reports of wild animals maimed, trying to chew their way out of the traps, or dragging traps into peoples yards in urban/suburban areas


Follow this link for the detailed incident reports collected by TrailSafe.

Pets killed by cruel wire snares in the name of sport

Cruel snares set to protect profitable grouse moors are trapping innocent domestic pets – the hidden victims of the hunting industry.

The indiscriminate traps are used by gamekeepers to stop predators from eating prized pheasant, partridge and grouse before they are released for hunting parties to shoot.

But the wire snares tighten around any animal that happens upon them – including badgers, deer, dogs and cats, which can be left vulnerable and writhing in agony for hours at a time.

As gamekeepers gear up for the “Glorious Twelfth” start of the red grouse shooting season on Tuesday, campaigners are urgently renewing calls for a ban on the barbaric traps.

League Against Cruel Sports chief Joe Duckworth said: “The cruelty associated with grouse shooting doesn’t stop there; badgers, foxes, deer and even our much-loved pets are killed or injured through the use of snaring to protect game stocks.”

Up to 60 per cent of animals caught in snares are not “target species”, meaning the snares were not set to catch them. Snares need only be checked once a day by law, so trapped animals are left for up to 24 hours until they are released or put out of their misery by gamekeepers….. See entire article here.

Do you have personal experience with a pet being trapped?

Many people we know and a few who have posted here have personal experience with pets as well as hunting and ranching dogs being trapped, and either injured or killed. We plan to start a Testimonials section on and we’d love to hear yours. Please either reply to this post or go to our Facebook page and send us a Personal Message with your account.   Let us know if you’d like them posted anonymously. Thank you for your support!