Do you have personal experience with a pet being trapped?

Many people we know and a few who have posted here have personal experience with pets as well as hunting and ranching dogs being trapped, and either injured or killed. We plan to start a Testimonials section on and we’d love to hear yours. Please either reply to this post or go to our Facebook page and send us a Personal Message with your account.   Let us know if you’d like them posted anonymously. Thank you for your support!

One thought on “Do you have personal experience with a pet being trapped?

  1. My husband was bird hunting with our yellow lab and he got caught twice in one day in traps!!!! Luckily my husband was able to free him but as our dog got older he developed bad arthritis in the joint where the traps snapped on him. I called to complain to the NDoW and requested that people post signs that traps are in the area. There response was they don’t because people will go and steal the traps! They suggested that we stick to just walking our dog on pavement!!!! Hard to hunt birds on paved streets in town.

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