Reno’s Animal Ark: Oct. 12th Last Chance Cheetah Dash

As leaves begin to change and weather turns brisk, Animal Ark starts to wind down for the end of our 2014 season. The Last Chance Cheetah Dash is upon us, only a week away on Oct. 12! This will be the last public run of the year, not returning until our open season of 2015. Don’t miss out!

Make reservations today by visiting here or by calling 1-775-970-3111.

On sharing space with grizzly bears…

“If the human race is to survive, then we must respect the rights of other species to survive. Sharing bedroom space with a grizzly bear is not practical but sharing wilderness space is. We must therefore, restrict human activity in spaces where threatened or endangered species live. We must stay out of their bedroom. Set aside some wild spaces while they yet exist. Closing the wild spaces after all of the wild things are gone will not work.”

~Bob McMeans, member, Virginia outdoors Writers Association.