2012 US Census: Wildlife Viewing

According to the latest census data, 72 million Americans participated in wildlife viewing, adding $55 billion to the US economy.  About 14 million Americans hunted, adding $34 billion.  Anglers totaled 33 million people and added $48 billion.   Click here for the report.

Do Sportsmen Really Pay for Wildlife????

If one looks to see who stands up and asserts that sportsmen “pay for wildlife”, it turns out to be persons who buy a hunting or trapping license and tags, and who hunt or trap wildlife as a primary focus of his/her outdoor activities. These folks are not 16 year-old kids with a fishing license, or some guy who has a boat registered through the agency. These sportsmen are hunters or trappers and that is why, for purposes of this discussion, I have defined a sportsman who claims to “pay” for wildlife as someone who purchases a hunting or trapping … continue reading here