Trapping Myth No. 7: Death by trapping is more humane than death by natural causes

The natural cycle of life and death helps maintain genetic diversity and a strong gene pool. Trapping is indiscriminate. Trapped mothers are killed, leaving litters to die.  Many traps are set on or in creeks to kill by drowning, and some animals suffer for up to 20 minutes under water.   Young animals are killed. Old or sick animals may survive instead of young and healthy, since the healthier animals spend more time foraging and thus cover more ground and are more like to encounter a trap. Trapping does not balance nature; it upsets the balance. There is nothing humane about trapping.

Contact your Government


Some contact information in case you want to write our government and let them know we don’t think this is ok:

  • Governor Sandoval:
  • Cory Hunt, Governor’s liaison to Wildlife Commission & NDoW,
  • Tony Wasley, Director of NDoW:
  • Senator Aaron Ford (author of the 2013 bill intended to increase regulation):
  • Jeremy Drew, Chairman, Wildlife Commission, and trapping advocate,
  • David McNinch, Wildlife Commissioner & trapping committee chair,