Hunting as conservation: Hunter kills foxes as retaliation against animal activists

POLICE and RSPCA officers are looking into reports that a fox was beheaded and a picture posted on Facebook in a dispute with anti-hunt campaigners.

The page then carried a chilling threat over any future attempts to have the user banned from the social networking site, declaring: “Any more bans and another fox dies.”

The distressing photograph appeared to show to be the head of decapitated animal on a spike with a anti-hunt sign next to it.

It was uploaded on an individual account in the Hartlepool area.

Above the image was the statement: “I keep my promises, 1 ban = 1 fox.”

Anti-hunt campaigners then took to Facebook claiming the sick act was carried in revenge for the user being banned from Facebook for previous posts which they believed were offensive.

The user then declared that for each Facebook ban he received he would kill one fox.

Another posting from this account read: “I’m back!”

“After three picture bans and the whole profile deleted due to an anti reporting that I’m a “business”?

“So antis, you have cost a fox that was not near a farm or any livestock it’s life. Just for you.

“Any more bans and another fox dies.”

A spokeswoman for Cleveland Police said: “We can say that we are aware of the post on Facebook and we are looking into whether any offences have been committed.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA confirmed that the image had been reported to the organisation.

She said: “We have received reports of images of a decapitated fox being circulated online.

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