Trapping Myth No. 6: Trapping provides important income for many American families

Trapping and fur industry proponents claim trapping provides a viable income for many Americans. However, surveys show that most trappers trap for a little extra income, basically as a hobby with a small commercial incentive. In response to a 1997 API survey, state wildlife agencies indicated that income from trapping was either extremely low or non-existent. A 1992 Missouri Department of Conservation study reported that “approximately 30% of all trappers in 1991 reported no household income from trapping … Most trappers reported earning small incomes from trapping. This suggests that motives other than monetary gain are also important to trappers.

The trapping of wildlife for profit is an anachronism in today’s society, and runs directly counter to The North American Wildlife Conservation Model which bans taking wildlife for commercial gain. Its blatant cruelty can no longer be masked under the guise of economics or wildlife management. However, the trapping/fur lobby is powerful and well-funded, and countering its entrenched political power requires dedicated, passionate citizens who recognize that wildlife has intrinsic worth above and beyond its economic value. We encourage you to get involved.