Keeping your dog safe from traps

Here are some simple, effective instructions for saving your pet from a leg-hold trap:  Trail Safe.  Trail Safe is also an excellent source for all trapping-related information.  If you’re not already a member of Trail Safe, please join!  While NRWM is not affiliated with Trail Safe we fully support their excellent work at making our trails safe for our pets and children.

And here is an excellent video about how to keep your dog safe when hiking or hunting provided by Outside Magazine. In Nevada most trapping is in the fall and winter, so be especially careful when you’re out during these seasons.   And traps are often set on or adjacent to trails, since many animals use the same trails we use.  Traps cannot legally be baited, but they can be scented, which is just as effective and the scents are designed to bring animals – including your dog – into the trap!